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Aero Exhaust AT5050XL Diesel Muffler

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Designed for your high horsepower vehicle. Specifially diesel trucks, semis or motorhomes, the resonated exhaust Aero Turbine XL 5050XL will ensure maximum performance and efficiency. The Aero Turbine XL 5050XL is the latest breakthrough in diesel performance exhaust technology. Designed for high output diesel engines ensuring that your performance diesel truck, motorhome, or semi will perform more efficiently.
The AT5050XL has a built-in resonator and patented air foil cone, which will not only increase fuel mileage, but significantly improve your horsepower and torque while decreasing noise and exhaust gas temperature. Inlet:5" Outlet:5" Body Diameter:7.5" Body length:26" Overall length:30"

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